Let's create a monster!

Monsterland is a game you’ll know by another name - perhaps "Picture Consequences", perhaps "Exquisite corpse", perhaps not really by a name at all, just "that game where someone draws a head, someone else draws a body and someone else draws the legs".

Whatever you call it, it's great fun. We’ve brought it up to date by letting you play each other at home, or link up with your friends over the internet - however you do it, there’s lots of ways to show off your creations afterwards - depending what services you have on your device, you can email, message, tweet, share by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Sometimes you might not want to make a monster, and just feel like drawing a picture - you can do that too! Or you can pick a photo from your device’s camera roll and use all the drawing tools on that, which opens up lots of amusing possibilities.

Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or lingering somewhere in-between, Monsterland will test your creativity and find the artist within.

One more thing… we’re very pleased to have included NO ADS in the game - they annoy us just as much as they annoy you. Hopefully you'll see the value of the in-app purchases - and if not, the free game is great fun without them!

If you want to get in touch, drop us a line at themonsterlander@gmail.com

What you get for free:

  • Pen & eraser tools
  • Undo/redo
  • Loads of colours & pen sizes to choose from
  • Two stamp sets each containing DOZENS of crazy stamps to use on your drawings
  • Create monsters with your friends (or alone if you fancy)
  • Create standalone pictures if you just fancy drawing something
  • Edit pictures you've already made with the app, creating new ones from them or updating the old
  • Edit photographs - your friend wants crazy monster eyes? Easy!
  • Play locally using pass and play
  • Register and connect with your friends to pass and play online
  • Share monsters

Optional extras:

  • Advanced tools, which include a flood fill, an outlined shape tool and a great zoom (particularly handy for smaller devices!)
  • Loads of stamp sets